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   Thank you for visiting! I have been a Licensed Esthetician for 13 years now, and I’ve seen lots of changes! There is amazing advances in technology, and improvements on techniques that are tried and true. My goal is to help you achieve your beauty goals with real, visible results at a competitive price. The beauty industry can be a confusing and often misleading area for consumers. I like to take a simple, and straightforward approach. I have extensive knowledge of each skin type, current technology and active ingredients. I can help you achieve the results that you really want, without unnecessary treatments and gimmicky products. 

   There is an art to permanent makeup. The difference between great and mediocre cosmetic tattooing, is the design itself. With a proper placement and shape, it enhances the entire face, and makes everything more cohesive.. Whoever said eyebrows are sisters not twins, was full of it.. because it should be symmetrical! The real trick is making it appear symmetrical, on a face that does not have two perfectly symmetrical sides. That takes an artistic eye, and lots of experience. I take my time to pre-draw the permanent makeup design first. That way you know what you’re getting, and I know exactly what you want. I always start out conservative on new permanent makeup procedures because; one touch up  appointment is included. This  ensures your permanent makeup is not  too thick or too dark. We can always add, on the touch up. That way you get a chance to wear it, and make the decision if you want more, or if you don’t.
I truly believe you have to care about people to do this job. It’s your face, what you show to the world, and that’s just a little bit important! That is why I treat every client as though I was working on my very own face. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror I want you to feel confident, and feel good.
   I  never rush, I am absolutely OCD about symmetry, and take time to explain everything. That way you can make the best decision for you, as only you can. But don’t worry, if you’re not sure, I will absolutely guide you every step of the way!
   I have advanced training in skincare, I have worked under a dermatologist, doing medical grade services.
   I also have advanced training in permanent makeup, including color theory and different techniques. I have trained outside of Colorado which I think is very important. There are so many great educators out there and unfortunately, due to the restrictions here, never venture into Colorado. With the fast paced advances in this particular industry; continued education is key!
   I have lived in Colorado for over 30 years. I have two children,  both born in Colorado Springs, and they are my world. Being a Mom is my favorite part of life. I’m an avid skier, graphic artist, and singer. I have a wonderful husband and I am absolutely blessed to have sucha supportive and loving spouse. And I am so lucky to be able to have a job that I can make a living off of, and am passionate about!

  I hope to help you with finding all your beauty solutions!