Each new procedure includes a consultation and a 60 minute touch-up visit.
Consultations are included in every new new service; but you can schedule it separately as well.  Each individual technique  has specific skin types it's best suited for.  The  length of time it lasts varies by the pigment selection, and by each individuals' specific skin type. We have pigments available that provide semi-permanent and  also more permanent results.  There are also options for cosmetic tattooing done with a machine, or by disposable hand tools.  At the consultation; you will get a clear idea of  all your options and  the expected time it will last.  They will fade overtime as any tattoo does.  For maintenance down the road; your cost will always be half of the original price you paid for a full touchup and color refresher.


MICROBLADING - 3 Hrs. $500​
   This is a semi permanent technique that enhances the natural look of the eyebrows. Pigment is etched into the very surface of the skin in fine, short strokes that resembles hair. Great for those wanting to achieve shape, density and fullness with their eyebrow cosmetic tattoo. It is semi-permanent and most clients will last 1-2 years, but longevity is not the same for everyone. People that have oily skin; for example, will most likely have fading a little sooner. 
Nanoblading -2.5 hrs- $575
  This style of brows are for those that want the look of hair within the brow line. Using tiny lines, we create fuller looking brows. With this method; the lines aren’t quite as crisp or fine as they are with Microblading. However, it tends to last up to 3 years. Again, future touch ups are always half price.
Powder Brows -2 Hrs.- $500
Powder eyebrows are tried and true. Although they have been around for a long time; don't underestimate them! All permanent makeup techniques have been refined, and this is no different. A simple shading technique is used and can be added gently or more defined, depending on the look you are going for. The best past about it? They require the least amount of maintenance! The finished look is very similar to a makeup effect. It's also good on most skin types. Depending on pigment selection; they can last anywhere from 2-6 years!
OMBRE BROWS- 2.5 Hrs. -$500
The Ombre technique is almost identical to the Powder eyebrows (see above) and utilizes shading. The main difference is there is a gradual increase from light to dark. It starts at the inner area towards the nose; with the darkest areas at the arch and some of the outer eyebrows. 
Combo Brows - 3 HRS.- $600
Here we will utilize 2 different techniques for a look that has hair, and makeup. Microblading is added throughout the inner brow and extending outwards. Then a shading process is added in. How much just depends on how defined you want your eyebrows to be. Very beautiful and very popular! Lasts anywhere from 2-6 years (depending on pigment type)


Eyeliner is a great way to enhance color , shape, and eyelashes. It can be done ultra thin, thick, or anywhere in between! There are many different shades of pigment available. Eyeliner can also be done as semi-permanent or with a more permanent option  for the same price! Numbing ointments are used before and during the procedure.

UPPER EYELINER -90 Min - $250
LOWER EYELINER- 45 Min - $200
UPPER & LOWER EYELINER - 2.5 Hrs. - $420



This method of eyeliner is for those who want a more defined lash line, without the look of a line. It is done by very carefully adding tiny dots to the lash area only. That way, you get a super natural look, without looking especially 'made up'. Lasts up to 3 years.
BEAUTY MARKS 30 Min. $50
Easy, quick, and (almost) painless! Lasts about 2 years. We cannot tattoo over a raised mole, sorry.


Lip Liner- 60 MINS - $200

Lip Blush- 90 Min.- $400

Full Lip Color- 2 Hrs.- $520


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